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Skyward Teacher Access Frequently Asked Questions
Special thanks to the following persons for helping to provide information contained on this page:á Jan Davis, Karol Denby, Kathy Guilbeaux, Lisa Mitchell, and Bonnie Richard.
Logging In
My Gradebook
My Students
My Classes
Posting Daily Attendance
Technical Support
Family Access

Logging In...

Why do I see "Only faculty of PN-GISD can view this site?" when I try going to either EAPLUS or the FAQ page?
Skyward is password protected so only employees of the district can access the resources.á This is an added security measure.

When I enter my SchoolFusion username and password to enter the site, why am I asked for a Skyward username and password?
Very simply--SECURITY.á Your SchoolFusion username/password lets you into the website but you must also log in to the Skyward site.
My Gradebook...

Can I input my grades from home?
Yes, all you need in Internet access to your computer.

Can I give my username and password to my substitute?
No.á Substitutes will take attendance on paper and send to the office.

What if I will be out for an extended period of time?
Contact your principal for instructions.

Does a grade of * count against a student?
No. If you need it to count as a "zero" in the calculation of the student's grade, you must enter a "0" for that grade.

How can I print a report for a test WITHOUT showing names so I can post it and avoid all my students asking me what they made on the test?
Under Reports, select Partial Progress Summary.
Click Clone Template
Give the report a name and click Save.
On the parameters page, uncheck Display Student Name and check Display ID Number. You may want to select Display Students in Random Order so the list won't be in alphabetical order. You should also uncheck Show Signature Line. Under Assignments, choose Enter Specific Days and put in a date for a specific assignment or test. Finally, under Options, choose whether or not you want to Show Current Term Grade.

Will "posting dates" be specified like last year?

Now that I'm past the first six weeks, I have to scroll to see my other grading periods.á How can I make it so that only my current grading period is displayed?
You need to change your Display Options. Click on the Grade Period Display from the pull-down list and uncheck the grading periods you do NOT want to display.

How do I removeáhomeroom, lunch, and recess from my printing of reports?
Click the Select Different Classes button before you tell it to print.á When you click this button, you can uncheck the classes you want to omit from the print.

What is the difference between a Progress Report and a Partial Progress Report?
A Progress Report has a predetermined date already set up. A Partial Progress Report can be run for a range of dates...you set the date(s).

Why doesn't QuickScoring work for my past grading periods?
It does. You just have to click on the Options pull down indicator in the column heading of the term grade of the grading period you wish to quick score in and then select Quick Scoring for... on that pull down menu.
My Students...

What if I find mistakes in student information...address, phone number, etc. Can I correct it in the system?
No, you cannot.á Let the office know because they will have to make the change.

My Classes....

Can we rename our classes?
No, not at the present time but this question has been submitted to Skyward in hopes of getting a change.
Posting Daily Attendance...

If I have already taken attendance and a student comes in late, can I go back into Skyward and make the change?
If the attendance "window" is still open, you can make the change.á However, if the attendance "window" is closed, the office will have to make the change.
Technical Support...

Who do I go to for help?

--First, use online Skyward help and/or tutorials.
--FAQ website on www.pngisd.orgáunder Faculty and Staff link
--If this does not help, go to a teacher that teaches the same subject and/or grade level.
--If the question cannot be answered there, ask one of your campus Skyward trainers. If they cannot answer it for you, they will research it and get back to you.

Why can I print from one computer but not another?
A computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on it in order to print. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, go to www.pngisd.org and click on Departments / Technology / Downloads & Support / Downloads / Acrobat Reader 8 link. Once you download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader, it will work. Once it is downloaded, you should not have to worry about it again on that computer.
Family Access...

When will Family Access be available?

It will be made available during the 2008-2009 school year. Parent training is required.

My child is at another campus. Can I go into Skyward and look up his/her information since I am an employee of the district?
You will be able to check your own child's grades once you are given Family Access privileges.

Why do assignments show as missing in Family Access but I haven't checked Missing?
There is a system setting that controls this. It is currently set to not display assignments as missing until 5 days past the due date.

If you leave the grade as an * and check "No Count", it will not be considered a missing assignment. Keep in mind, however, that it will be visible in Family Access so you may want to enter a comment, which is also visible in Family Access, explaining that you have not graded it yet or why the student is not required to complete it.

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